How We Are Different

At GPS, we understand and embrace each student’s differences: their culture and background, the way they learn, their goals for the future. We know each child and their family by name, working together to provide the education students need.


Diverse Community

Our staff, students, and families are as diverse and vibrant as the Greater Sacramento area we serve.

“We chose GPS for being a smaller, more supportive school that my child would need.”

“My children are known, accepted, and loved.”


“I wanted a place where my biracial child was represented and not alone.”


Social-Emotional Learning

We teach students 
to understand their emotions, build relationships, 
resolve conflict, and develop grit.

“It isn't all about what’s in a book. GPS looks at the real world with real people. Also, mental education with emotional learning is very important to us.”

“GPS has prepared my kids to enter the world with an uncommonly high level of empathy and kindness.”


Restorative Practices 

We work to 
restore relationships rather than punish behavior.

“Our kids are seen as people and not just a problem. They now have a lot more confidence in themselves.”

“Our son attended public before Growth; there, we had to fight to get help for him. At GPS, it wasn't a fight, but a conversation with a plan.”


Project-Based Learning

We root lessons 
in real-world, 
hands-on examples rather than memorization.

“Project-based learning has given my children the opportunity to develop research skills and develop their communication skills.”

“My kids have been challenged educationally with projects and hands-on ways to show their knowledge.”

GPS_Icon_Learner Driven.png

Learner-Driven Education

We understand and embrace each student’s differences and empower them to find joy in their own learning.

The focus on making learning fun has helped both my children foster a love for learning on their own terms, not just in school.”

“I like that the students are given the opportunity to move ahead in material if they have the ability to, while at the same time giving more help to students who need it.”


High Expectations

Belief that everyone is capable of excellence; holding oneself and others to high standards


Stepping into another person’s shoes; making amends


Understanding ourselves through our connections with others


Taking something that seems challenging and choosing to see it as an opportunity


Honesty; doing the right thing when no one is looking


Encouraging, supporting, and listening to others; thinking of others before yourself

Our HEROIC Values

GPS prepares all students to learn, think, and solve problems—as well as practice empathy, embrace differences, resolve conflicts, and act with integrity. Our students develop a deep understanding of themselves, others, and the world around them. As a result of their time at GPS, they will continue to grow academically, socially, and emotionally, and have a positive impact on their communities. 

At GPS, we champion and encourage:

  • Academic Achievement

  • Curiosity & Love of Learning

  • Confidence

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Engaged Families

  • Joyful Teachers

The GPS Impact