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What We Offer

Growth Public Schools currently serves grades TK-7. We are growing with our founding students and families, and by the 2024-25 school year will be a TK-8 school. Our TK and Kindergarten students attend a full school day, no am/pm programs here! We believe it is crucial for students to continue their education with GPS through 8th grade. The middle school years are an important time developmentally when pre-teens need supportive relationships and a safe community.


Project Based Learning

Why Project Based Learning? We believe that when students leave GPS they should know how to learn and how they learn best. When students know how to learn they can learn anything! This belief has guided our curriculum design and selection. PBL models real-world processes such as goal-setting, planning, collaboration and trial & error. PBL focuses on skill building, rather than memorization and test taking, to equip students with tools to be successful in life.

Transitional Kindergarten

Connect4Learning nurtures children’s eagerness and readiness to learn. Connect4Learning includes Connected Science Experiments, Engaging Math, Authentic Literacy and Social-Emotional Development. Learn more about Connect4Learning.

Kindergarten - 3rd Grade
EL Education and GPS Designed Math Centers

EL (Expeditionary Learning) Education uses high quality texts to connect to student learning while also working towards a final project. We selected EL Education because it supports the development of foundational skills that attend to students’ literacy growth. For Math, students engage in hands-on activities and games designed by GPS teachers that reinforce the standards based concepts they are learning. Learn more about EL Education.

4th - 8th Grade
Summit Learning

We have partnered with Summit Learning to provide rigorous and comprehensive project-based learning curriculum in English Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science. Through Summit Learning students will develop three outcomes: 1)Cognitive Skills that are essential, lifelong and transferable, 2)Content Knowledge for understanding and applying complex, challenging facts and concepts, and 3)Habits of Success, which are the mindsets and behaviors that support academic achievement and well-being.


Through weekly 1:1 meetings with mentors, students build trust and confidence, and get support to align their daily actions with long-term goals. Students apply their knowledge, skills and habits to rigorous Projects & Math Units that prepare them for real-world scenarios they’ll face in life after school. Students practice Self-Direction as they learn how to set goals, make plans, demonstrate their skills and knowledge, and reflect on their progress and next steps.  


GPS is currently the first and only school in the Sacramento area to be accepted to offer Summit Learning. We are extremely excited to bring this dynamic and proven approach to our community. Learn more about Summit Learning

Social-Emotional Learning

GPS is proud to be a certified Powered by Compass school in partnership with Valor Collegiate Academy in Nashville, Tennessee. We are the first and only school in the Sacramento area to undergo the two-year accreditation and implementation process to achieve this certification.


Valor's Compass Model is the foundation for our Social Emotional Learning. Through Valor’s Compass Model, all members of our community (yes, adults too!) work to develop their own Inner Compass, which we hope will be a reliable source of guidance throughout their lives.


The Valor Compass model is grounded in the foundational elements of being a human: mind, body, heart and spirit. “Working the Compass” means that we are intentionally developing key disciplines, habits and mindsets that support excellence in mind, body, heart and spirit. The model is comprised of four key components: Compass Commitments, Compass Disciplines, Compass Core Habits and Compass-Aligned Badge-work.


Our students meet for a weekly Circle with a group of fellow classmates, guided by their teacher or other GPS staff. Circle is a place where students connect with each other, ask for support, show appreciation and develop their emotional vocabulary.


Watch the video to learn more about how our students and staff have been impacted by Circle.

Specials & Explorations

All of our students participate in Art and Music classes with our amazing team of Specials teachers—teachers who specialize in curriculum beyond math, reading and science. Students attend either Art or Music each school day and students in 5th & 6th grade have an additional Study Hall period where they receive academic support and are given time for self-directed project work.


Explorations are immersive experiences that allow students to take a break from their core classes and take part in enrichment opportunities provided by values-aligned community partners. Explorations offerings evolve each year based on student interest. Opportunities have ranged from Lego engineering to steel drums and Hip Hop dance. Below is a list of some of our past and current community partners.


Yoga with Rose White

Verge Center for the Arts

Camp Edmo

Studio T Arts & Entertainment

Dance Daze, Inc.

Before & After Care

GPS is proud to partner with EDMO to provide care starting at 6:30am before school and closing at 6pm each school day. 


EDMO is an award-winning non-profit organization that designs school programs and summer camps that foster curiosity, courage and kindness. Every day students will experience fun, hands-on science, art, tech and maker activities in addition to outside play and homework help.


EDMO is a Child Action Approved Provider, which means that families who qualify can have the cost of child care covered by Child Action. See if you qualify here.

Learn more about EDMO.

Before & Afte Care

Enrollment for the 2024-25 school year is now open! We are currently accepting applications for grades TK-2nd. Interested in applying for the current school year?

Please give us a call!

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