What We Offer

GPS currently serves grades TK-5 and we are growing with our founding students and families. By the 2024-25 school year will be a TK-8 school. Our TK and Kindergarten students attend a full school day, no am/pm programs here!

All of our students participate in Art, Music and Tech classes with our amazing team of Specials teachers.

TK-8th Grade

Students in grades TK-3 are developing their social emotional learning skills through Circle, sharing badge work centered around personal identity and community values by 3rd grade. They focus on the foundational skills of reading and math, so that students are ready for the upper grade levels. They begin building Background knowledge and real-world experience through PBL projects that focus on themes ranging from the market place, their communities, life sciences and many more topics. GPS students are starting to build self-direction as early as Kindergarten through centers, game-based math activities and learning how to form their own goals.

We believe it is crucial for students to continue their education with us through 8th grade. The middle school years are an important time developmentally when pre-teens need supportive relationships and a safe community. Our 4th-8th grade students will continue their social emotional development through Circle and more in-depth badge work. We have partnered with Summit Learning to provide  rigorous and comprehensive project based learning curriculum to students in 4th-8th grade. 


Social-Emotional Learning


GPS is proud to be a certified Powered by Compass school in partnership with Valor Collegiate Academy in Nashville, Tennessee. We are the first and only school in the Sacramento area to undergo the two year accreditation and implementation process to achieve this certification. Valor's Compass Model is the foundation for our Social Emotional Learning. Through Valor’s Compass Model, all members of our community (yes, adults too!) work to develop their own Inner Compass, which we hope will be a reliable source of guidance throughout their lives.


The Valor Compass model is grounded in the foundational elements of being a human: mind, body, heart and spirit. “Working the Compass” means that we are intentionally developing key disciplines, habits and mindsets that support excellence in mind, body, heart and spirit. The model is comprised of four key components: Compass Commitments, Compass Disciplines, Compass Core Habits and Compass-Aligned Badgework. Our students meet for a weekly Circle with a group of fellow classmates, guided by their teacher or other GPS staff. Circle is a place where students connect with each other, ask for support, show appreciation and develop their emotional vocabulary. 




Explorations are immersive experiences that allow students to take a break from their core classes and take part in enrichment opportunities provided by values-aligned community partners. Explorations offerings evolve each year based on student interest. Opportunities have ranged from Lego engineering to steel drums to Hip Hop dance. Below is a list of some of our past and current community partners.

Before & After Care

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