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Values-Aligned Educational Option for Sacramento Families

At the entrance to Growth Public School, there is an art project on display that visually represents its HEROIC values:

High Expectations

Belief that everyone is capable of excellence; holding oneself and others to high standards


Stepping into another person’s shoes; making amends


Understanding ourselves through our connections with others


Taking something that seems challenging and choosing to see it as an opportunity


Honesty; doing the right thing when no one is looking


Encouraging, supporting, and listening to others; thinking of others before yourself

And as you approach the front desk, there is a picture of a clear box that says, “We are heroic”. Members of the community are invited to drop messages in the box to nominate their classmates for heroic actions, and students get tickets, shoutouts and school-wide acknowledgments for living up to the values.

When Growth Public School was created in 2017, through parent input and a series of visioning processes with the school’s founding staff, the commitment to creating an inclusive educational community with high expectations and love came through as the driving force. It initially emerged from a desire to create a values-driven, tuition-free educational option in the greater Sacramento area. As a charter school, Growth Public School has chosen to place these values front and center in everything it does.

If having your child attend a school that places its values front and center in everything it does is important to you, if you want your child to attend a school that encourages them to discover their superhero within, Growth Public School may be a fit for you.

To experience the Growth Public School values in action, schedule a tour today at

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